DoD & GSA Certified for Safe & Vaults 

DoD Lock Program Certified: The DoD is sponsored by CNIC, NAVFAC, PSEAG, US Army, DLA, CIA, DNI, and GSA. The DoD Lock Program is the cognizant field activity for locks, safes, vaults, seals, and containers used to protect national security information and AA&E. The DoD Lock Program is divided into three branches: Field Support, RDT&E, and Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Testing.

At Pro-Lock Services we are also certified GSA technicians so that we can service, neutralize, and repair GSA approved security containers and vault doors. The Department of Defense and other federal departments are moving toward making this certification a requirement for anyone performing almost any type of service on these containers, including periodic preventive maintenance inspections!

We are certified in combination locks used on GSA containers including the latest FF-L-2740 and FF-L-2937 approved locks. We also service in GSA Federal specifications and storage regulations, container identification, proper servicing, and repairs.  

DOD and GSA Certified for Safe and Vaults - Pro-Lock Services

GSA Certified Services: 

  • Mechanical combination lock operation & troubleshooting
  • S&G Model 2937 Factory Certified
  • S&G Model 2740 Factory Certified
  • Kaba-Mas X-10, X-09,X-08 and X-07  
  • High Security Pedestrian Door (HSPD)
  • GSA container identification
  • GSA container drilling and repair
  • GSA container servicing
  • Federal Specifications for GSA containers and vault doors
  • DoD and other Federal regulations for classified storage requirements.

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