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(Closed Circuit Television Camera) will provide your home surveillance systems, business or institution with hi-speed, accurate surveillance. We offer many types of CCTV: analogue, digital, network, and door monitoring. Network IP CCTV offers higher quality video streaming. There are also security systems with Apps available for Smart Phone devices to monitor security while away from home. Whatever your surveillance needs, Pro-Lock Services will provide the best CCTV surveillance options. 

Magnetic locks

Electronic Locks include mechanical operations with electric current. For example, an apartment intercom system electrically unlocks the entry door for visitors. The electric lock offers impressive features such as transaction logging (for the traffic activity of the door) and various entry securities. A common security method for electric locks uses numerical codes on a keypad for personnel. Electric Locks also use security tokens (“smart cards,” “Personalized Data Assistants (PDA),” etc.), biometrics (finger scanners, retinal scanners, iris scanners, and voiceprint), and radio-frequency identification (RFID) for product recognition. Pro-Lock Services enthusiastically supports advanced technological security systems for your home or business.

Magnetic Locks require direct voltage current to operate. Without voltage power, magnetic locks unlock. Magnetic locks are installed above the door frame, of which provides a magnetic pull to lock the door. Exceptional features of the magnetic lock include its silent operation while powered and locked, fail-safe system and application for in-swinging or out-swinging doors. Whether you decide to employ electric or magnetic locks, Pro-Lock Services will professionally assist you in your decision process.  


Electronic Locks


Keypads ensure security entrance measures for home doors, garages, office doors, and outside-to-inside access. Keypad features include mechanical or digital, stand-alone systems or digital feedback, pin numbers or cards, multiple-user codes, Braille-sensitivity, and weather-resistant membrane. Your choice in keypad features is virtually limitless. We will strive to achieve well-selected keypads for your home or business needs.